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Are there any large supermarkets in or near Costa Teguise?
Written by Mel Watts   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008
We are going self catering and wanted to get a few bits for our apartment but I've heard that some of the prices in the local shops are ridiculous. I'm not loaded and wanted to go to a large supermarket with more variety as I have Crohn's (bowel) disease and would prefer to make my own breakfast, lunch, and depending on how I feel i won't always be able to eat out at night. Need to stock up on loads of fruit etc to keep me going. This is my first holiday abroad in years because of my illness and I'll admit i'm a little bit worried going abroad with the condition even though doc has given me all clear for now. I look forward to your replies.

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1. Written by Debbie, on 12-02-2008 18:44
There are two main supermarkets in Lanzarote...Netto and Spar. Both sell both continetal and English foods.They have fresh fruit and vegetables in stock all the time. 
There is also a very small english supermarket in CT, by the celeste apaprtments. 
If it helps, my sister has Chrohns too, and has never had any problem eating in Lanzarote..both SC and when eating out. If you are going to Costa Teguise, you will find there are so may bars and cafe's etc, you will never be to far away from the conveniences;-) 
hope you have a good holiday.
2. Written by Allison, on 13-02-2008 07:38
we was over there last september and found that the spar was alot cheaper than the netto (not like over here)they both sell a variety of british food may be a touch more than what we pay over here but youve got to remember theyve got to pay for the importation, just remember to stock up on loads of bottled water to wash the fruit and veg before consuming though ,im sure youll have a great time so dont worry too much and have a good holiday !!!!
3. Written by Chris, on 16-02-2008 12:14
Hi have just come back (Thurs14th)if you have a car there is a big shopping center (hyper Dino)on the main road from the airport on the right as you go to CT they have everything and it is a lot cheaper than in resort.
4. Written by Adam, on 04-03-2008 10:39
Netto and Spar are quite expensive.  
The biggest supermarket in Lanzi is Ropers which is located near the Airport in Arricife, worth going to if you have a car or even a taxi ride. 
The place that Chris has written about is located in the same place as Ropers. Theres a number of them there. 
When I go to Lanzi I land, pick up the hire car, go to the supermarket go to the villa. Then chill out! Ahhhhhhh lovely
5. Written by Bob Barrett, on 13-03-2008 16:04
We have been going to Costa Teguise for about 10 years self catering and always shop at the Marcel ( I think that is it's name) near to the main road junction in CT. Cheaper than the other s with excellent meat range. 
Enjoy your hols.

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