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Carpet cleaning supplies distributor?
Written by Steve Moore   
Friday, 23 May 2008
can anyone tell me of a carpet cleaning distributor anywhere in lanzarote. I am soon to set up new company,and i am finding suppliers hard to locate. thanks steve

  Answers (4)
1. Written by Tre, on 23-05-2008 19:50
You can ask all the carpet cleaners on www.truckmountforums.com :) Hope you find one! Take care!
2. Written by Rick, on 23-05-2008 20:20
Just out of curiosity. Have you ever been to Lanzarote ? if you have, you'll know that most properties have tiled floors throughout, and you will be pushed to find carpets anywhere.
3. Written by Steve Moore, on 25-05-2008 10:54
Thanks TRE. will have a look.
4. Written by Steve Moore, on 25-05-2008 10:57
Rik. Yes we have been to Lanzarote. We know that there is a market for carpet & upholstery cleaning.

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