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Costa Teguise weather ?
Written by cheryl   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Hi, off to Costa Teguise nxt Thurs, never been before. Everything i read about the weather there, it says very windy, is this something to be worried about or not? Anyone who has recently been would be most grateful for your weather forecast..Cheers.

  Answers (3)
1. Written by myra, on 13-05-2008 19:09
Hi Cheryl - its always windy in Costa Teguise - but you will appreciate it as its hot during the day - you might need a light cover for the evenings if your out and about - may not be needed - and if you look on the Weather on the left hand side it gives you a ten day forecast - dont forget use plenty of sun lotion - even tho its windy a fab tan is practically guaranteed - have a fantastic holiday -
2. Written by ste, on 13-05-2008 23:40
cheryl everything myra said is spot on,dont be fooled by the breeze it will burn you.were are u staying. 
love meatxx
3. Written by cheryl, on 14-05-2008 16:54
Thanks very much for your comments..we are staying at Club Tahiti.. everything looks so nice ..cant wait...

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