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Love Lanzarote ?
Written by pollyanna   
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
Does anyone else love Lanzarote as much as I do? I've only been there twice but can't wait to go back.

  Answers (8)
1. Written by alison ky, on 30-05-2007 07:56
hi pollyanna 
yes i love lanzarote we always come back every year ussually september time but i have to visit other places for my other holiday to keep my husband happy but if i had my way it would definatley be lanzarote (costa tequise) every time.i would love to spend my retirement here but thats a few years away yet
2. Written by Fayth56, on 01-06-2007 08:35
Yes we love Lanzarote we also come back every year to Costa Teguise at Christmas. If I had my way I would move there. I am so addicted to the beautiful Island I check the webcam on this site everyday, wishing I was there.  
Can't wait until we return :)
3. Written by Garry, on 04-06-2007 20:42
This year will be my sixth time to Lanzarote. I LOVE the place and the pace of life. I check the webcam and lanzarote news all the time. Costa Teguise is where I want to live.
4. Written by Peter Jushin, on 08-06-2007 20:39
We have been to Costa teguise/Lanzarote 5 times now and adore it. 
It is the only place we would wish to re-locate to, as it has everything you need - Its just a wonderful place to be!
5. Written by samantha, on 12-06-2007 13:59
i used to think crete was my fave holiday place, until we went to costa teguise this april, so the weather was a bit dodgy but thats not all holidays are about! gorgeous place and great friendy people, would move there tomorrow if we could, returning next year, cant wait!!!!
6. Written by Amy, on 12-06-2007 18:24
Lanzarote is great! i went costa teguise in April i loved it too much so going back there this month with my boyfriend looking forward to it!!!
7. Written by debbie, on 02-07-2007 18:58
We are heading back for the 5th time this august..(counting the days now!!) I love it .. it is definately the best resort I have ever been to. 
Weather is unbeatable...people are on the whole lovely... I find the places we have visited to be spotless. Transport is fairly good, and you can get to almost anywhere on the island. 
i would deffo move out there if I could.
8. Written by Wendy, on 07-07-2007 16:43
We love Lanza! know how you feel!!! we love Lanza so much we bought a propery January been back twice already, got to wait until Oct for our next one, we feel like Lanza is our 2nd home, we plan to move over in 1-2 years hopefully, we have made many good freinds there!!!we miss the weather so much.

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