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puerto tahiche aparthotel ?
Written by suzanne norton   
Friday, 25 January 2008
we are staying at the puerto tahiche aparthotel anyone stayed there recently. whats the weather like ?

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1. Written by carla, on 26-01-2008 12:51
hi suzanne, the weather is hot a the moment there, we have friends staying there this week, we go on the 31st nxt thurs and are staying at the tahiche, when do you go ? and if im bk b4 you go i'll let you no what its like.
2. Written by Angie Rogers, on 26-01-2008 16:27
goin there in Feb if im back b4 you go will give you the low down!
3. Written by suzanne, on 27-01-2008 09:30
goind on 3rd. thanks carla, we go on sun 3rd feb so will be there when u are there
4. Written by carla, on 29-01-2008 13:01
well i hope the weather stays nice for us. 2 days 2 go for me.not 2 long for u av a nice holiday.
5. Written by sandra, on 19-02-2008 21:09
have to be truthful went there sept 2006 ..it was disgusting cockroaches climbing up the walls ...next morning i went & sought accomodation at Sands Beach villas .....6 nites cost me 160 & the comparison is night & day Tachice is just awful standard of cleanliness very poor ..& staff very rude..sorry to be the bearer of bad news ...good luck ..you will need it there!!!!

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