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Shops and weather in costa blanca on 27 march ?
Written by jason bridges   
Sunday, 16 March 2008
me and the wife and 3 kids are staying in costa blanca. are there many good shops there as we like to go shopping a night after dinner, also what is the weather like there as we arrive on the 27 march.

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1. Written by Robert Meehan, on 17-03-2008 21:29
Weather in Spain not so good this time of year plenty of shops though try Alicane,Javea or Murcia all have a wide variety of shops hope you have a nice time I'm off to Lanzarote weather is much better there. 
2. Written by Rayco Santana, on 18-03-2008 00:49
Robert: He is asking for Lanzarote, Lanzarote its near Sahara (africa) not in the Iberian peninsula so the weather itnīt even close to the continental spain, in fact its really sunny at this time (I born and live here) there are a lot of shops here, but they close so early most at 8 or 9 pm. 
Hope that helps 
Sorry for my english.
3. Written by ruth, on 18-03-2008 11:21
I don't think he is asking about Lanzarote - where is Costa Blanca in Lanzarote?
4. Written by Jammyc, on 19-03-2008 07:34
Give the man a break! He probably meant Playa Blanca .... sigh !! :o)

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