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Taxi cost from airport to costa Teguise ?
Written by John Vernon   
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Staying at Ficus apartments, How much should a Taxi cost from airport to costa Teguise ?

  Answers (4)
1. Written by Michael, on 20-11-2007 21:41
A taxi from Lanzarote airport (ACE) to the resort of Costa Teguise will cost you around 15/20 (EUR), duration of the trip is approx. 15 minutes.  
You can also check the airport transfer options. Be aware that thursday is the big day at the Lanzarote airport, and you might not find a taxi easily depending on your arrival time.
2. Written by Pauline M., on 20-11-2007 13:26
We paid 25 euro for the trip from Costa Teguise to the airport in August. 
A private transfer will cost you about 80 euro return, but as the previous writer said, it can be worth it as everyone arriving goes straight to the taxi rank - and if you have kids it can be a nightmare. 
3. Written by Steve W, on 22-11-2007 08:26
We were in CT last week, taxi cost us 17 euros single trip to and from the airport. Landed at about 7.30pm at Arrecife, queue was pretty big for a taxi but really well managed. Stewards there making sure no one jumps the queue.
4. Written by ste, on 22-11-2007 23:25
as steve w says i go there often and the taxi is never more than 17euros depends on were you stay i dont no were you stayed pauline but 25e sounds a bit steep.as for the taxi que its very well run and i guarentee no more than 15mins wait even wen its at its busyest on a thurs.

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