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What should I wear?
Written by Paul M   
Sunday, 20 April 2008
Hi, i'm going to Costa Teguise for the first 2 weeks of July, it is my first time in Lanzarote. What clothing should I bring (jumpers/cardigans, shorts etc.) Also what temperature will it be (please reply in degrees celcius) Thanks :D

  Answers (3)
1. Written by Fizzz, on 20-04-2008 10:28
We went last July/August - the temps were high, around 32-35 degrees c on average. 
At one point a heatwave came along - was over 42 degrees celcius for several days! 
Even at night it never dropped below 32 DC during that hot spell, was very uncomfortable at night. 
I dont think you will need jumpers to be honest! 
Have a great trip.
2. Written by ste, on 21-04-2008 07:12
maybe fizzz got lucky with that heat last time,you deffo need a jacket off a night time as the winds are very cold even if it is still around 20oc we went last june avg temp about 24/27oc.just look at the weather thread on this site.happy hols  
love meatxx
3. Written by JAC, on 21-04-2008 19:55
I have been going to costa teguise for the last 9 years in june and july it is usally very warm i have only ever need a shawl or throw and more often than not ,not used them.

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