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Where can i find a swingers club in Lanzarote ?
Written by RaymHuxley   
Monday, 03 March 2008
My first time in Lanzarote, i would like to visit a naturist/nudist resort/beach, & maybe attend a swingers club, we are a male & female couple. Thanks. Ray.

  Answers (3)
1. Written by Nick, on 03-03-2008 10:14
There are 2 naturist beaches on Lanzarote : Famara & Papagayo 
There is also a naturist resort called - charco del palo - in the resort of Mala on the North of the island.
2. Written by Adam, on 04-03-2008 10:50
Famara & Papagayo are the hardest to get to, you will need a car or a taxi there (recommend car) however papagayo attracts lots of locals and spanish, it's not really a nudist beach it's more a relaxing topless beach. I love papagayo! 
I don't believe there are any swingers clubs anywhere. If there was it's likely to be in Carmen (PDC).
3. Written by Steve, on 08-08-2014 16:43
Try http://www.lanzarote-swingers.com - you should find there what you are looking for ;)

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