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Will the pool be avalable at the El Guarapo?
Written By: vizzon
2007-10-03 07:51:31
Hi were going to be staying at the El Guarapo Apartments and the pool is being refurbisjed does anybody know when it will be compleated?

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will you have a drink and a good time for us ?
Written By: vizzon
2007-08-31 17:39:24
to every one who is going to ct on 6th pllleeeaasse have a damn good week and a drink for my family as we were meant to be flying out to ct on 6th sept but had to cancel as my son has just found out he has bone cancer so unfortunatly we wont be there .......but we as a family are asking you all to ENJOY lanzarote but dont worry as when he is well and gets the all clear after his treatment we will be returning so enjoy and by the way mines a very large double of what ever xxx

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Windsurf School Cost Teguise?
Written By: vizzon
2008-03-28 04:52:43
Hi- there seem to be quite a few different Windsurf schools in Costa Teguise can anyone recommend which one to go with? I can sail and surf but have only windsurfed a few times. Will probably look to join some group lessons. Thanks. PS. we arrive on sunday so answers by Monday would be greatly appreciated.

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Zomig for migraine ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-02-14 05:46:19
Can you buy Zomig for migraine over the counter in chemist in CT

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