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Are there any large supermarkets in or near Costa Teguise?
Written By: vizzon
2008-02-12 09:54:26
We are going self catering and wanted to get a few bits for our apartment but I've heard that some of the prices in the local shops are ridiculous. I'm not loaded and wanted to go to a large supermarket with more variety as I have Crohn's (bowel) disease and would prefer to make my own breakfast, lunch, and depending on how I feel i won't always be able to eat out at night. Need to stock up on loads of fruit etc to keep me going. This is my first holiday abroad in years because of my illness and I'll admit i'm a little bit worried going abroad with the condition even though doc has given me all clear for now. I look forward to your replies.

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can anyone suggest where to take the kids for meals?
Written By: vizzon
2008-04-23 06:08:01
Hi, we're going to Teguise this may and our four year old lad is a bit fussy with food whereas our daughter will eat anything really! He'll eat meat and pasta and veg but he doesn't like anything too fancy or smothered in sauces, can anyone suggest places where the menus are pretty varied? Cheers Sam :)

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Gluten free dairy free products ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-01-03 03:38:51
Just wondering where I might get these on the Island. Or does anyone know if anywhere in Playa Blanca stock Green Isle potato waffles (Frozen) I can bring all the other food with us for my little daughter (Special needs)

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Hotel half-board or all-inclusive in Costa Teguise?
Written By: vizzon
2008-04-18 04:04:35
Hi, can anyone suggest a hotel for one week in Costa Teguise. We are arriving 1st September. We have booked our flights, but not accommodation. We have been to C.T. several times, but always self catering. Due to the lousy Euro rate, we are thinking of booking half-board or even all-inclusive, just want recommendations for a central based hotel with decent food, swimming pool, etc. Many thanks Jodi

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los zocos apartments?
Written By: vizzon
2008-04-25 09:01:04
does any one know what the food prices are like in the resturants and is the food good ?

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