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Lanzarote and mosquitoes ?
Written By: vizzon
2007-07-26 02:31:42
We are thinking of having a holiday on Lanzarote in November. I have borrowed 3 guide books from the library all with conflicting information regarding mosquitoes. I do need specific and detailed information as - although they do not acarry malaria - they still bite. Despite any and all precautions I take they always bite me very badly and I becaome ill. (Other people do not seem to attract them as I do). Can you help me with any useful information regarding them please. Thank you Mrs M North.

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mosquito attacks ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-04-23 00:25:57
are there many mozzies at costa teguise we go on sunday and dont fancy being eaten alive . thanks

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mosquitoes on lanzarote ?
Written By: vizzon
2007-08-11 09:09:00
do you get mosquitoes on lanzarote ?

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