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lanzarote park apartments what are they like ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-03-17 12:15:51
hi just wondering if antone had stayed in the ibreostar lanzarote park apartments if so what are they like for kids entertainment during the day and whats near by in regards too night life resturants and shopping heading to lanzarote at the end of june and looking for some feed back Thanks Bree

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Shops and weather in costa blanca on 27 march ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-03-16 17:22:34
me and the wife and 3 kids are staying in costa blanca. are there many good shops there as we like to go shopping a night after dinner, also what is the weather like there as we arrive on the 27 march.

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souvenirs ?
Written By: vizzon
2008-01-15 08:40:37
just come back from lanzarote but would like to get hold of some souvenirs.can anyone help please th

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special type of angel sculpture on Lanzarote ?
Written By: vizzon
2007-10-13 03:30:19
Over the last couple of years I have purchased two angel sculptures 'Grifo' from Puerto Del Carmen. The first is an angel lying on his tummy pointing down. The other is an angel on his haunches with his wings closed. I am desperately trying to find if there are any more in this collection and where I can buy them on Lanzarote.. I am due to come to Lanzarote in November...can't wait..if anyone can help I would be very grateful regards, Chris

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sun lotion?
Written By: vizzon
2008-04-27 10:45:00
were going to costa teguige can you get carrot milk there x

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